Meditation for Kids – Monthly on Sundays

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A young child meditating11:00am-12:30pm (Monthly Kids class is not running due to the International Winter Retreats).

Every parent wants their child to be happy, healthy and successful in life. Meditation is a perfect tool to introduce into a child’s day to promote inner strength and mental and emotional well-being.

In these monthly classes, children will learn simple meditations and other methods to calm their minds and ways to deal with negative feelings. Classes include a short discussion about everyday experiences relevant to children, guided meditation, and fun activities that foster habits such as kindness cooperation, patience and giving. For ages 4-12.

While children are in their class, adults are welcome to join us for Prayers for World Peace which happens concurrently in the World Peace Temple.

Lindsay Ring

Lindsay is on the Teacher Training Program at KMC New York. She has a wonderful presence and ability to relay meditation and Buddhist teachings to people of all ages.  

Meditation for Kids is held in the Main House Meditation Room at Kadampa Meditation Center New York. Stop into reception for more information on how to get to the Main House.

47 Sweeney Road Glen Spey, NY 12737
(845) 856-9000

Drop-in at any time. No need to pre-register.

$2 per child

We are a non-profit organization. All profits go towards supporting the International Temples Project for World Peace.

You and your family are welcome to stay on after Prayers for World Peace and join us for lunch at 1pm in our Main House dining room. Meals are vegetarian, including eggs and dairy products.

$5 per meal

Please call us and reserve in advance. (845) 856-9000

Q. Do I or my child need to have experience in meditation or Buddhism to attend Mediation for Kids?
No experience in meditation or Buddhism is necessary to attend. Meditation for Kids was designed to help children reach their full potential through learning meditations and simple lessons from Buddhist teachings that nurture the inner skills they need to be happy and confident in life..

Q. We’ve never been to a Buddhist Temple before. What should we expect?
Classes are very accessible. Your child does not need anything in particular or to wear any special clothing. Both chairs and cushions are available in the meditation room so children can sit where they are most comfortable. When entering the meditation room, it is traditional to take off shoes and hats.

Q. What does a typical Meditation for Kids look like?
Each class will include simple, guided meditations that children and families can begin to introduce into daily life. Classes will usually include a short talk on methods to calm the mind and ways to deal with negative feelings, discussions about everyday experiences relevant to children, and fun activities that foster habits such as kindness, cooperation, patience and giving. Classes are as interactive as possible to allow children time to explore and grow into meditation.

Q: What if my child has a hard time sitting still?
Many people think children can’t meditate because they have difficulty sitting still, but this simply is not true. Although sitting still is helpful during meditation practice, it is not required; we can meditate during all of our daily activities simply by holding a positive state of mind, such as love or compassion. Since all children can learn positive ways of thinking, even about challenging situations, they can definitely learn to meditate, even if they have difficulty sitting still. Like any skill, meditation takes practice. In these classes, children will learn short, guided meditations. As children practice and gain experience, they will be able to sit quietly for longer periods of time.

Q: What else does KMC New York offer for kids and families?
Families are always welcome to visit the Center – to spend time in the Temple or enjoy the beautiful environment. Every June we hold our Annual Summer Fun Fair with games, entertainment, and activites for kids of all ages.  July 11-13, we will hold a Family Break Weekend, which includes activities based on Buddhist teachings, fun and games for families.

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