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Saturday Meditation Workshops

Saturdays monthly     |    10am – 1pm     |    Saratoga Senior Center

September & October 2019 Series

The Power to be Happy

Everyone can find lasting happiness by developing a calm and peaceful mind. Meditation and modern Buddhism give us the power to actually achieve this goal. In these classes, we will learn how we can improve the quality of our life by changing our mind. By tapping into this potential for permanent inner peace, we can make true happiness our everyday reality.

Saturday Workshop 

10am – 1pm | with Evelyn Williams

September 14: Transforming Daily Challenges through Meditation

The difference between a problem and an opportunity depends upon our attitude towards a challenging situation. Through investigating our mind we will come to find that most of the pain we experience associated with difficulties in our life is due to our mental attitude towards the situations rather than the circumstances themselves.

October 12: Practical Steps towards Intentional Living

If we approach our hardships in life with the idea that our happiness and freedom from problems are of most importance, we will find that problems only escalate. What if we changed our intention to benefit others? If we hold in our heart a feeling of love and compassion for others, our inner strength naturally increases. In this class, we will look at the powerful minds of love and compassion and how this enables us to help others directly.

Price: $20 (Can either register online or simply drop in)

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Saratoga Senior Center:

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Thursday Meditation Classes 

7 – 8:30pm at the Saratoga Senior Center

With Kadampa Teacher Evelyn Williams 

September 19: Letting Go of Inner Limitation

Buddha explains some clear methods for taking control back and realizing that we can change our relationship with others by changing the way we view them. In this class, we will explore some powerful meditations for viewing others more constructively that will enable us to respond to what they do more effectively. Practicing and becoming familiar with these meditations give us the freedom to be at peace regardless of how others behave.

October 17: Cultivating Love – the Source of All Happiness

By training our mind to be more aware of the happiness and well being of others, and meditating on this precious mind, we have the ability to change the way we see and interact with others in our daily life and in our world.  When we cherish others, we become more aware of the happiness and well being of others.  We will solve all of our problems and experience deep inner peace.

October 24: Healing our Mind

The practice of taking and giving is one of the most powerful methods for opening our hearts and overcoming the exaggerated self-concern that disturbs our minds day and night. Taking and giving is also especially effective in helping us develop very subtle, refined states of concentration. In this practice, we learn to combine our love and compassion with our breath, so that as we breathe, we also deepen our ability to cherish and care for others.

October 31: Becoming a Friend of the World

In Buddhism there is no more admirable ideal and role model than that of a Bodhisattva – someone using his or her life to progress towards enlightenment, empowered by love and compassion for all beings. And yet, for all our admiration we tend to feel it is impossible for us to become an actual Bodhisattva. Why? Because we think of our present limited identity as fixed. See how it is possible to cultivate such a mind of altruism and to naturally benefit everyone we meet.

Join us for:

  • Guided meditations
  • Methods to maintain inner peace in daily life
  • Time to discuss the ideas presented.

Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary.

Cost: $10 per personDrop ins are welcome

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    Meet the Teacher Evelyn Williams

    Through her many years of practice and meditative experience, Evelyn has developed a special understanding of Kadampa Buddhism. With an insightful approach and peaceful heart, Evelyn shares Buddha’s teachings in a way that directly touches the hearts of listeners.

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    Benefits of Meditation

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    The Benefits of Meditation

    inner peace

    You can relax and enjoy a peaceful mind through meditation practice.

    positive attitude in life

    Simply by being around like-minded people who are learning to improve their mind, you naturally find your personal view of life more optimistic.

    a good heart

    Your relationships improve by learning to genuinely care for others.


    Your mind will become lucid and clear which will improve your physical and mental health.


    You will learn to identify, reduce and eliminate states of mind that lead to suffering. You will also learn how to cultivate positive states of mind that lead to happiness.

    pure happiness

    Your wishes will be fulfilled, and you can then naturally inspire others.