Current Series: Daily Meditations for Modern Day Life

Drop-in Classes | Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm

Each class includes two guided meditations, practical wisdom on how to maintain the experience of the inner peace in daily life and time to discuss the ideas presented.

$10 per person  | No pre-registration required
December 3: Do you believe in karma?

From non-virtuous actions comes suffering and from virtuous actions comes happiness: if we believe this, we believe in karma. Buddha gave extensive teachings that prove the truth of this statement and showed how we can use our understanding of karma to avoid future suffering and enjoy pure happiness.

Meditation: Determination to abandon negativity

December 10: What causes suffering?

The main cause of our suffering is our deluded minds, especially our self-grasping. If we abandon our self-grasping permanently, all our suffering and problems of this life and of countless future lives will cease permanently. How can we do this?

December17: Permanent freedom from suffering is possible

Buddha said we should not be satisfied with merely temporary freedom from particular sufferings but apply great effort to attaining permanent freedom from all suffering. Only by following a correct spiritual path can we accomplish this freedom.

January & February Series: Creating a Meditation Practice that sticks.

January 7: Developing a wish to change
January 14: The habits of a meditator
January 21: Overcoming the obstacles of Meditation
January 28: Having a structure to meditation
February 4: Integrating meditation into our life
February 11: My experiences are a reflection
February 18: How to bring joy into meditation
February 25: Kadampa state of mind
Each class begins with a brief breathing meditation which is guided by the teacher. No previous experience is necessary.

Meet the Teacher Rebecca Rehorn

Rebecca has been studying and teaching Kadampa Buddhism for many years, and is known for her kindness and warmth. Her teachings are heartfelt and easy to apply in daily life.

About the class


7:00 – 8:30pm

with Buddhist Teacher

Rebecca Rehorn


$10 per person. No pre-registration required.

Benefits of Meditation

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The Benefits of Meditation

inner peace

You can relax and enjoy a peaceful mind through meditation practice.

positive attitude in life

Simply by being around like-minded people who are learning to improve their mind, you naturally find your personal view of life more optimistic.

a good heart

Your relationships improve by learning to genuinely care for others.


Your mind will become lucid and clear which will improve your physical and mental health.


You will learn to identify, reduce and eliminate states of mind that lead to suffering. You will also learn how to cultivate positive states of mind that lead to happiness.

pure happiness

Your wishes will be fulfilled, and you can then naturally inspire others.

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