Beginner Retreats

The following retreats are designed specifically for beginners or for those who have started meditating and wish to stabilize their meditation practice. These retreats teach the basics of meditation and how to integrate it into our daily life.


Personal ‘Rest & Reflect’ Retreats

Leave behind your hectic schedule and responsibilities and enter into a calm, purposeful and healing place. Rest, reflect and discover how to enjoy the peace of your own mind. Then return home with practical methods that can keep you feeling energized and inspired while coping with life’s stresses. With the support of a caring community dedicated to helping you take time out for what you need, you‘ll find it very easy to catch your breath and connect with your deeper self.

Choose your length of stay and which type of retreat you’re interested in, and we will help design a rejuvenating retreat experience that is perfect for you!

Mini-Meditation Retreats

Enjoy a relaxing and spiritually meaningful time at the Temple during these mini-meditation retreats on some of the key deities practiced in Kadampa Buddhism. The gentle schedule will allow plenty of time for rest, reflection and rejuvenation. The general schedule will have two sessions, one of which will include a teaching and a guided meditation.

Finding Peace: Weekend Meditation Retreats

Give yourself a relaxing weekend in the quiet and peaceful environment at KMC New York. Located in the Upper Delaware River Valley, these weekend retreats provide a rare opportunity to refresh your mind through meditation. These weekend retreats are geared towards people just beginning a meditation practice or those who simply want to experience retreat in the ideal conditions of Kadampa Meditation Center New York. Through learning simple meditation techniques you will learn how to relax and develop peaceful and positive states of mind.