Living Lightly: The Mind of All Yogas

June 18 – June 19
  • Improve mindfulness and concentration
  • Use tantric meditation to integrate wisdom and compassion into everything you do
  • Use the five forces to create, store, and focus energy on your spiritual goals

The Mind of all Yogas is a dynamic meditation taught by Buddha to strengthen and stabilize all our meditations of sutra and tantra. It unites our supreme good heart of Bodhichitta with a deep realization of emptiness, empowering us to become a modern day Bodhisattva.

This in-depth experiential weekend will combine inspiring teachings with focussed meditation and discussion in a way that will immediately transform your meditation practice and your life.

Cost: $80

*Please note, this course begins on Saturday June 18 in the morning and ends Sunday June 19 after lunch.

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Accommodation & Food

*Onsite accommodation is available for those attending courses or for those who wish to come and take a break. You do not need to attend a course to stay at the center. The center is open to guests throughout the year. Rooms are available subject to availability.


The Teacher

Gen Samten Kelsang

Through integrating Buddha’s teachings on ultimate truth and compassion into his daily life, and his vast scriptural knowledge and meditative experience, Gen Samten shows a wonderful example of following the Bodhisattva’s way of life. We are very fortunate to receive these precious teachings from him.