Year at a Glance

Please scroll down to see all of our upcoming events. Click on the links below to go to the course page.

Feb 10 – Mar 9 Silent Retreats on Vajrayana Mahamudra
Mar 24 – 26 KMC NYC’s Country Retreat with Kadam Morten
Mar 31 Food for Thought
Apr 1 Learn to Meditate in Half a Day: The Basics of Meditation
Apr 9 Free Public Talk – Transform Your Life, One Thought at a Time
Apr 21-26 US Festival with Gen-la Khyenrab
May 14 Mother’s Day Brunch
May 19-21 Awakening the Heart Weekend Retreat with Kadam Eve Arias
May 26-31 International Spring Festival, UK
May 27 Learn to Meditate in Half a Day: Meditations for a Happy & Meaningful Life
May 27-29 Open House – Memorial Day Weekend
Jun 3 9th Annual Summer Fun Fair
Jun 9-11 Blue Sky Mind Weekend Retreat with Kadam Peter Kurczynski
Jun 16-21 Words of Wisdom from the Heart of the Guru Retreat
with Gen Samten
Jun 30 – Jul 4 Summer Retreat
Jul 14 Food for Thought
Jul 15 Learn to Meditate in Half a Day: Developing Clarity of Mind
Jul 21 – Aug 5 International Summer Festival, UK
Aug 25-27 Peace of Mind Weekend Retreat with Evelyn Williams
Sep 1-4 Northeast Dharma Celebration: Dorje Shugden Empowerment with Kadam Morten
Sep 15 Food for Thought
Sep 16 Learn to Meditate in Half a Day: Understanding Karma for a Better Lif with Gen Samten Kelsang
Sep 17 Free Public Talk – Meditation: An Inner Solution to Real Life Problems
Sep 22-27 Journey to Truth & Happiness Retreat with Gen Samten
Oct 6-8 Autumn Getaway
Oct 6-12 International Fall Festival, Germany
Oct 20-22 Mindfulness for Modern Day Life Weekend Retreat with Kyle Davis
Nov 3 Food for Thought
Nov 4 Learn to Meditate in Half a Day: Overcoming Anger
Nov 17-19 The Doorway to Freedom with Gen-la Khyenrab
Nov 23 Food for Thought: Thanksgiving Meditation & Meal
Nov 25 Learn to Meditate in Half a Day: Living in the Present
Dec 9 Learn to Meditate in Half a Day: 8 Steps to Happiness
Dec 26-31 Guidelines for a Modern Day Bodhisattva Retreat & Avalokiteshvara Empowerment