Registration & Accomodations

If you are new to Kadampa Buddhism, please contact us at or (845) 856-9000

To help you have a better experience of retreat, we strongly recommend that you attend the Friday night introduction*. This is the main time when retreat guidelines and expectations will be established by Gen Samten. In order to maintain the integrity of the week’s retreat, dropping into a retreat after the weekend is discouraged.

*For those attending only the weekend, the Friday night introduction is mandatory.


  • Onsite accommodation is very limited. Private rooms must be booked for a minimum of six nights at a time. Private rooms can only be booked for a full retreat, i.e. a Friday to Thursday stay and not for partial weeks of retreat. Shared accommodations must be booked for a minimum of two nights from January 11-February 21 and six nights from February 22-March 21.
  • Accommodation fees are discounted for those who wish to stay for two weeks of retreat or longer. The first week is full price, second week is 20% off, third week is 30% off, fourth week up to ten weeks is 40% off. 
  • If you are planning on registering for a Close Retreat, please register per the instructions below. Because this is a specialized retreat, our Education Program Coordinator will confirm with you whether your registration has been confirmed. 
  • Our accommodations are rustic, simple and cozy, all with shared bathrooms. They provide a space to allow attendees to comfortably focus on retreat.
  • Vegetarian lunches and dinners can be purchased when registering. Light snacks will be available in the World Peace Café between retreat sessions.
  • Registration for the Winter Retreats and/or onsite accommodations require a 25% deposit to confirm your registration. The balance is due upon arrival. All rates are per person per night.
  • All onsite accommodations include a vegetarian, continental-style buffet breakfast. For more information about onsite accommodation.


***Please read carefully before registering to ensure you do so correctly***

  • Click “Register now” button (below)

    You will be taken to the registration page. On the left side of the screen, change the start and end dates to your date of arrival and date of departure.
    Please book your retreat, accommodations and meals in one booking, rather than separately.

  • Select Accommodations

    Onsite accommodations are very limited, if you wish to stay onsite please book this first before booking the retreat and meals.
    • Select tab “Add Accommodation”.
    • Next select “Book Now” for the type of accommodations you would like to book.
    • Confirm dates of arrival and departure, and number of adults (max 2).
    • Then select “Continue”.This will take you to another page. On this page, select “Add to Booking” to add your retreat options.
    Please note: All discounts for extended stays will calculate automatically.

  • Select the retreat/s you are planning to attend

    • Select tab “Retreats, Courses & Events.”
    • Next select “Book Now” for either the Guided Winter Retreats w/Gen Samten in the Temple or for one of the Counting Retreats. Confirm dates are correct & enter number of adults you are registering.
    • Then select “Continue”. This will take you to another booking page.
    • On this page, select “Add to Booking” to add your meals.

  • Add Meals

    If you’ve booked onsite accommodations, a continental breakfast is included, but you must book lunch and supper separately.
    • Select tab “Add Meals”, choose lunch or supper and “Book Now”
    • Confirm dates you would like to have this meal and number of adults you are adding meals for. Then select “Continue”.
    • To add another daily meal click “Add to Booking” and choose the other meal option.

  • Enter personal information and make your deposit

    • Enter your personal information. • Read the Terms of Service and check that you have read these.
    • Then select “Continue”.
    • Enter payment details and select “Process Payment”.

Living Accommodations

Pricing Chart

Registration for the 2019 Winter Retreats opens on Thursday September 20, 2018 at 12 (noon) EST

pricing for winter retreat