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Date Event
Nov 16-21 Love: The Great Protector Tranquil Abiding Silent Retreat with Gen Demo & Gen Samten
Nov 22 Food for Thought: Thanksgiving Meditation & Meal
Nov 24 Meditation Workshop: Cultivating Gratitude
Dec 7 Food for Thought
Dec 8 Meditation Workshop: Dealing with Difficult People
Dec 16 Learn to Meditate
Jan 4-6 The Power to Change: Finding Peace Weekend Retreat 
Jan 8 Vajrayogini Close Retreat begins
Jan 11-Mar 21 The Oral Instructions of the Mahamudra Retreat
April 12-15 Celebration of Enlightenment
Apr 26-May 1 US Festival: Medicine Buddha Empowerment and teachings with Gen-la Jampa
May 5 Free Public Talk with Gen Samten: Living Lightly
May 11 Meditation Workshop: Living with a Loving Heart
May 12 Food for Thought: Mother’s Day Breakfast
May 17-19 Finding Peace Weekend Retreat: Blue Sky Mind
May 24 – 29 International Spring Festival: Empowerment and teachings on Vajrasattva
May 24-25 24-Hour Tara Chanting
Jun 1 11th Annual Fun Fair
June 7 Food for Thought
Jun 8 Desire: A Healthy Perspective
Jun 21-23 KMC-NYC Visiting Weekend: Emptiness with Kadam Morten
Jun 23-26 Follow-on Silent Retreat on Emptiness with Gen Samten
July 5-9 Stillness and Peace: Beginner Friendly Silent Retreat
July 12 Food for Thought
July 13 Meditation Workshop – Karma: Creating the Life You Want
July 26-Aug 10 International Summer Festival: Empowerment of Je Tsongkhapa and Dorje Shugden
Aug 16-18 Finding Peace Weekend Retreat: Healing Ourselves and others
August 30 Food for Thought
Aug 31

Meditation Workshop: How to Deeply Relax

Sept 8 Free Public Talk with Gen Samten: Banish Fear Forever
Oct 25-27 Finding Peace Weekend Retreat: Letting Go of the Past
Nov 1

Food for Thought

Nov 2 Meditation Workshop: Silencing the Inner Critic
Nov 15-20 Annual Silent Retreat with Gen Samten – Living with Joy & Purpose: A guide for the 21st century bodhisattva
Nov 28

Food for Thought: Thanksgiving Feast

Nov 30 Meditation Workshop:  The Art of Acceptance
Dec 14

Meditation Workshop:

Healing yourself through meditation

Dec 26-31

The Peace of Emptiness: Empowerment of Prajnaparamita and retreat on the heart sutra